Terry Watch- A Call To Arms!

As you will see in the comments below Will P of the fine J. Arthur MacNumpty blog has just launched Terry Watch to keep an eye on our good friend Councillor Terry Kelly.

Doctor Vee correctly in my view argues that our Tel embodies everything wrong with Scotland's slavish devotion to a Labour Party that thinks because we've been loyal, it can kick us as it pleases.

You might say that we should simply ignore him and he'll go away. Well he won't. What Tezza needs is more attention, more readers. I dream of his blog being the most famous blog in this world and beyond. I don't believe many people voted for Terry Kelly as such, what they in fact voted for was Labour and look what they've ended up with! The least we can do is make sure everyone concerned fully understands what a vote for Labour in Scotland really means. It means bullying, ad hominem attacks*, the crudest form of tribal politics, inconsistency, 'we won and youse didnae', buffoonery, posturing over action, the debating skills of a saloon bar drunk, a mindset like a leftist George Bush, juvenile anti-Americanism and everyone's wrong except Labour. Oh did I mention I was a bit peeved?

All politics aside, people unfit to hold office are exploiting blind party loyalty to advance themselves and we are paying for it. Remember it's 'only' expenses now but from May this year it will be a wage of £15,000+ per year. Ok maybe not the highest wage in the world but if you think it will stay so modest then you're a lot more trusting than I am. Just look at how MP's salaries have increased over the years. Personally I think they should set a good example and take only the minimum wage but I expect they're all far too grand to live on such a pittance. However, I digress. I wouldn't dream of telling you how to vote, all I am asking you to do is read Councillor Terry Kelly's blog and ask yourself is this man worth £15,000 p/a of my money? Then cast your vote accordingly.

If we keep taking democracy for granted like this they'll take it off us. Oh and if you're reading this from outwith Scotland shaking your head at the funny little Jocks and their silly councillors, then think on this. We have in Scotland sent more than a few MP's down to Westminster, have we not? Yes, in fact some ill-feeling on the matter has come to my attention. You will note that our MP's have done rather nicely for themselves, if not for the electorate. Think how much more pleasant it might have been if the worst among them had been nipped in the bud at council level. It might not affect you now but it might in the future and then you really will be sorry. It will be too late when Prime Minister Kelly has you quivering under his mighty jackboot. Think communist Russia with bad jokes. Just don't say you weren't warned or come crying to me. OK that was scare tactics but stranger things have happened.

So there we are. That is my take on the awful crisis in our democracy. So what should we do?
Well I urge all of you anyone in any part of the world with a blog to join Terry Watch. Just place a link to his blog in your sidebar and that's it! Easy as pie and twice as tasty. If you'd like to do more, write a post about him, write six, place a link your e-mail signature, tell everyone to read his blog, bake 'Terry Watch' cakes, write a song and release a 'Terry Watch Aid' single, make stickers, posters, badges to promote his blog. Get the press involved. Hire a branded Terry Kelly hot air balloon, alert the Red Cross. Anything, all publicity is good publicity. The one good thing I can say about Tezza is that he has brought nationalist and unionist, right, left and centre together in slack jawed amazement at his political success so far. Let's put our other differences aside and do our level best to make him world famous. He has long believed that he is the victim of a nationalist-tory-socialist conspiracy. We can make his dream come true! The scrapping may resume when he's out of office. Come on there's only one of him and many of us and if we all spat at once we'd drown the oaf.

Toodle Pip!

*and before anyone starts, Yes I am familiar with the ad hominem fallacy. Yes I have read my own blog -but not in a kinky way. The fact is that I am not standing for election. One expects certain standards in public life. Like when they used to resign after a scandal and so on. I am a member of the public and one that has lived down to every expectation anyone ever had of me. There is one set of rules for them and another for us, just not in the way they'd like. That is all.


Billy said...

"bake 'Terry Watch' cakes"

What kind of cakes would be suitable?

Clairwil said...

Oh anything large enough to ice his url onto should do it.

Paul Evans said...

The MP I used to work for would have been better paid if he got minimum wage for every hour he spent working.

Clairwil said...

I'm sure you're right. It's very easy for the public to forget that there are a few good eggs doing their best in there. I myself have been very lucky to have had two excellent Mps since I moved here. Sadly I've not been quite so lucky at council level. I often wonder if my local councillor has died in the City Chambers but no-one has noticed.

Inamicus said...

>"bake 'Terry Watch' cakes"
>What kind of cakes would be >suitable?

barm cakes, obviously

Clairwil said...

Or mudcakes, all the better to smear you with.

Anonymous said...

'Oh anything large enough to ice his url onto should do it'.

Fine, but what's he going to have for his main course? :-)

Anonymous said...

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