Councillor Terry Kelly (yet again)

You'll never guess what that Wildean wit and socialist hero Terry Kelly's done now. Apparently he now suspects me of being mentally ill. In a secure unit no less. Whilst I suppose blogging openly about suffering from depression and stress is bound to invite the odd snide comment. I am genuinely surprised that an elected official thinks it appropriate. I wonder if he'd be so quick to make light of a physical disability. God help anyone in his constituency with a mental health problem who approaches him for help unless of course they are after being bullied in a witless fashion.

Mind you I'm not the first person to be accused of mental illness by Tezza. Apparently Martin Kelly and David Farrer are both similarly afflicted (you'll need to scroll down a fair bit to get the relevant post). So much so that Rayleen Kelly felt compelled show their blogs to a psychologist. I wonder if we 'mad' bloggers should form a self help group.

With one in four of the Scottish population estimated to suffer from mental ill health at some point in their lives, I suppose this must include a fair number of the Kelly's constituents. I can't help but wonder what they make of their obvious prejudice against those with mental health problems. Let's hope they take that into account when voting in May.

Finally the discrimination faced by the mentally ill will not end unless challenged which is why I'd like to end by drawing your attention to this.


UPDATE: Tezza and Jolene have made Labour Watch!


Will said...

It's interesting that he accuses you of 'synthetic rage' on behalf of the mentally ill, when most of his blog is basically a failing attempt to falsely expose the SNP as some giant homophobic conspiracy?

It's also interesting that he accuses other political parties of hijacking issues when most if not all of his posts about LGBT equality amount to little more than trojan horses for a vitriolic attack on the SNP?

I've pointed this out in a comment to him on his blog. I've suggested that his approach might be viewed as hypocritical. Really I'm posting this here so as to make sure it sees the light of day. Sorry to hijack your post and all, but I thought it was worth saying.

Keep up the good work!

Clairwil said...

That's fine. I freely admit to getting angry about stuff but he seems outraged that anyone could not wish to join the Labour Party.

Do you know is he likely to get elected come May? Then I think I really would get angry. All politics aside I'm genuinely shocked at the poor quality representation. Not just our Terry, I include my local councillor and several others.

Will said...

I'm not sure what his future holds... Frankly, I've given up on anger: I console myself with the fact that if he is a Councillor after May, he will be one of three or four, so the entire population of his little corner of Renfrewshire won't be stuck with him and him alone.

As for those who choose him, when there will be so many less bad options on the table, such as people who don't think that deliberately mis-spelling people's names (and not even to make an amusing pun) is either funny or clever, then they are quite literally asking for him. At least others in his area will be able to seek out the help and advice of another Councillor after the Election.

That said, he does represent all that's wrong with machine politics: his whole 'stick with Labour, warts 'n' all' attitude highlights the problem. If he were more than a Labour Rent-a-vote/Rent-a-gob politician, he would realise that his Labour Party is long gone, that events had overtaken him, and that it was time to re-think matters. But no, he's happy in his rut, and wants the rest of Scotland to join him there. It's a miracle that he hasn't been completely left behind yet, but sooner or later, he will be.

Clairwil said...

'stick with Labour, warts 'n' all'

I work in a fairly grim part of Glasgow and a Labour stroghold to boot and I am at a total loss as to what they have done to inspire such loyalty. I look around and see everything at best staying the same and still out they troop and vote Labour. Why?

The stick with Labour no matter what mentality has done nothing but create career opportunties for tenth raters. If I had the time I'd put together a tactical voting site to unseat Labour in the May elections. They really are hopeless.

Clairwil said...

This article sums it up rather nicely


alan said...

This confirms my suspicions:

"1. The Hearing Panel considered that further to the accepted breaches of the Councillors' Code of Conduct by the Councillor Kelly that:-

i. It is wholly inappropriate for any Councillor to approach any member of the public in a "threatening and intimidating manner" - regardless of the provocation;

ii. That Councillor Kelly's conduct was, as narrated in the joint Statement of Facts, "inappropriate, improper and unacceptable";

iii. That Councillor Kelly's conduct has adversely affected the good standing of Local Government and Renfrewshire Council in particular; and

iv. that the actions of Councillor Kelly's, as accepted by him, strike at the root of the obligation of leadership of any Councillor, and further that his behaviour was wholly inappropriate and contrary to the behaviour that the Chair, fellow Councillors, Council Employees and any members of the public are entitled to expect in the Council Chamber."

In other words, he's a bully, on a short fuse.

Clairwil said...

He does strike me as someone who's spent years bullying people in council offices, hence why he goes a bit over the score in the rough and tumble world of blogging.

Perhaps it's time he re-thought the blog. After all it doesn't seem to be winning him much support.

Oh and his excuse for being suspended was that the wicked SNP rabble insulted his daughter. Which makes it all right then.

Will said...

Actually, if that spiteful little man's spiteful little blog turns people against him (how/why could they be for him in the first place?), then I'm all for it. He's a lesson to all of us in how you should always consider the candidate as well as the party, and in why apathy is a bad thing: stay at home today, have him representing you tomorrow.

If I lived in Renfrewshire, I'd brick it all the way to the polling place!

Clairwil said...

Well yes Will, which is why I think you and everyone who de-linked him should reconsider. Let's make it Scotlands most famous blog!

Will said...

Point taken. I have now initiated Terrywatch.

Fidothedog said...

the comment about mental illness doesn't suprise me at all. Terry is the sort who will fire off a comment like that, then howl from the rooftops should anyone else dare use a similar comment against him or in any other context what so ever.

Typical New Labour double standards.

Anonymous said...

Rayleen Kelly is referred to as Councillor Whoosh! As most issues go straight over her head.

She is also provided with official Renfrewshire Council colouring in books to keep her busy at full council.

Rayleen, the only lean part of Rayleen is her name!

Anonymous said...

Which travels faster, sound, light or Terry and Rayleen heading for the buffet at official functions?

Anonymous said...

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