Rumours of my death are just wishful thinking.

I'd like to report I've spent my absence doling out sexual favours to the IDF but the truth is sadly more mundane and not at likely to cause my fellow lefties to blow up and burst.

Instead I have with a heavy heart and after 12 years split up with Mr Clairwil. It's very sad but I always thought a lot more of him than he did of me and the chase just got too exhausting in the end. In other words the whole thing had limped on too long and I wasn't getting enough attention. I have to hand it to the former Mr Clairwil he's one of only two ex sparring partners I don't sincerely wish were dead. In truth I think he was glad to be rid of me and I can't help thinking he's better off without me. As girlfriends go I am a wonderful hockey player.

It's a bewildering business being single after twelve years. I am informed that blow jobs are the new 'getting off with' and that people send each other racy rexts for kicks. How typical of the world of romance to go to hell in a handcart whilst I was busy.

I also have to deal with the awful problem of being keen on new and unfamiliar folk. I do not enjoy being keen on a chap. It is awful. There is more pleasure to be had with hives. Oh yes it's all sunshine and beer when you first clap eyes on them and you think you're in with a chance but then one looks at the grim facts and suddenly the world seems a very harsh place. A passionate celibacy is all I have to look forward to. I don't like it. This is not how I see myself.

Feelings are the pits!



Surreptitious Evil said...

Ooops. Oh well, commiserations from this definitely-not-a-lefty.

Cocktails said...

How rotten. I've always found that a period of enforced singledom can be good for the soul.

Still, good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

'Mea culpa'! I have only just picked up on this one. Obviously the man's a rascal and were I in the neighbourhood in my squire's outfit complete with riding crop I would thrash him within 2.54 cms of his life - sorry about the Euro-speak, it does rather spoil the line - whilst vigorously twirling my moustachios! (Multi-tasker, that's me!)

Anyway, good hunting!


transfattyacid said...

Dead again?

Oh no if she really is dead then I am going to look bad!