Twitter Tampering

Do this press just sit about looking for trivial incidents to massively overreact about? I refer of course the scum sucking pigs Twitter scandal. Good Lord -these folk should have heard the things half the West of Scotland used to say about Thatcher.

There is of course a difference between the Clairwil family sat around at home making rude remarks at the telly and an MP making a public statement via his Twitter feed but it's something of a minor storm in a teacup. Labour are getting humped come the election, I can't see any major benefit coming to the tories from squealing about it. Though, as he only has a 5500 majority perhaps they're hoping to unseat him so they can swagger by him on election night flicking v signs at him and gloating 'that's elected scum-sucking pigs to you, dole boy' before heading up the road for swan and chips or whatever it is they eat.

Mind you, it would perhaps have been more sensible for the tweeting Mr Wright to simply have issued an apology and deleted the comment, rather than come up with such an incredible explanation. It would appear that it's technically impossible to edit a published tweet. So now instead of us all rolling our eyes and moving on, we are now waiting with bated breath to discover just how and indeed why this master hacker tampered with a tweet, gloated that it had hit a nerve then vanished as quickly as he arrived.

You would think that having developed his skills to such a degree that tweet re-editing was within his amazing powers he'd have had some fun with some higher profile tweeters - think of the havoc he could have wrought with Sarah Brown's account or Stephen Fry's much followed feed. Yet all he did with this truly impressive skill was make a minor alteration to one tweet on an obscure MPs Twitter feed. Truly brains are wasted on this genius.

I'm in no position to cast stones, if I'd been the mysterious tweet tamperer I'd have just changed all their comments to animal noises, most likely cows mooing - certainly a common farmyard animal. More exotic cries are hard to convey in print and would only undermine to charming rural atmosphere I would be aiming to create.


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