Really Quite Astonishing

Obviously as we all know the most terrifying phrase in the English language is 'come and see my friends band'. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred it involves watching a load of spotty boys trying and failing to sound like some popular mediocrity or worse being wacky or worst of all- sensitive. Consequently I try and avoid going to see any friend's bands because I always end up resenting them for robbing me of an hour of my life that could have been better spent watching River City or sleeping.

However I broke my rule last night by going to see The Hidden Masters at McChullis and for once, allowing my curiosity to get the better of me proved to be one of my better decisions. They are jaw droppingly good, really quite astonishing. In a sane world they'd be all over the tabloids falling out of nightclubs pissed on the proceeds of their offshore investments in one of the world's leading tax havens. As this isn't a sane world the masses are deprived and Coldplay's deal with Satan continues to pay massive dividends.

It's a risky business going to see live music in these parts. I have still not recovered from seeing a young man who's name escapes me playing a really tedious song about candyfloss and genocide and peroxide and suicide and the USA, that was over ten years ago. Then there was that outbreak of all those really thick women who used to dress like two year olds and play really badly for some reason or another apparently inspired by feminism. Still that was all a very long time a go and mercifully such antics are not so widespread nowadays.

Anyway I highly recommend popping along to have a peep at The Hidden Masters next time they're in your neck of the woods. Marvel at a band who actually make an effort to be entertaining, gasp as you realise you have not wasted a whole evening watching a gaggle of twats trying to recreate 1982 badly, send yourself mad wondering why they haven't been handed a fat record contract and a mansion full of sexually adventurous models to play with. Honestly you will not be sorry.

In a totally unrelated bit of news I'm still fundraising for my guerrilla gardening troop and our ongoing effort to blanket Glasgow in ten thousand spring blooms. All we need is 76 people to chip in a tenner and we've hit our target. Thanks to those who've helped out so far, it really is much appreciated.


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