The Axis of Evil

I must admit when I voted for devolution all those years ago I didn't imagine for a moment we'd go and use our powers to join the axis of evil. I am of course referring to the release of Mr Megrahi which seems to have sent a small but noisy portion of the internet mad.

The Guardian comments have been particularly splendid if you enjoy net based lunacy as much as I do. What everyone seems to have overlooked is that if the UK and US governments really wanted Megrahi to remain in prison, he'd still be there. Bazza and Clinton are just sounding off to appease the 45 American's who've noticed the story and Brown agrees with the decision but can't admit it because the SNP made it and any case it won't have done trade relations with our new chum Libya any harm. Sorry you can trumpet separate legal system all you like but if anything major had been riding on this decision Scotland would have got nowhere near it.

That's why no real pressure was put on the SNP to make a decision one way or another. Oh come on Hilary Clinton doing her burst paypacket face at us doesn't count -even her husband doesn't take any notice of her unless of course she's been telling him to shag everything in his path and get caught all these years.

As for the boycott I find it hard to convey just how much amusement that's caused me. For a start it's led by a member of The Church of Satan and appears to have inspired boycotts of Guinness and Jameson's whiskey by as many as ten internet trolls. They'll be burning U2 albums next.

Still who'd have thought our decimated manufacturing base would one day prove to such an asset. Christ almighty is there anything left to boycott? I'm not sure how I feel about us having angered the Church of Satan. I suppose I'm just relieved it wasn't some really mental pretendy religion like Scientology. The last thing my nerves need Tom Cruise in a strop plotting in his closet. The mad practicing thetan!

I'm a bit suspicious at the appeal being dropped and look forward to the promised release of all the documents relating to the decision to release Megrahi. All in all I think it was the right decision and I hope it was made for the right reasons, though with so much left to come out I won't be having a flutter on that any time soon. That said I'm a bit baffled by the argument that MacAskill took the decision to show Scotland's independence by annoying Westminster whilst doing what Westminster wanted in order to secure some oil deal. Surely it's one or the other. If it is 'willy waving' as some have alleged I cannot help but think he'd have been better getting his cock out and giving it a wave. There would have been less of an uproar.

One also wonders if the opposition are being so blatantly crap on purpose. Has Salmond bribed them or are they really that hopeless? Hardly a peep out them while the decision was under consideration, then all of a sudden they're outraged. Am I being cynical? Is anyone buying this? If I were in charge of the SNP I'd just pinch policies from the opposition forcing them to adopt the original SNP position and by the time any of them realised they'd been hoodwinked the legislation would be passed.

I think by far the best bit of the opposition 'savaging' was Iain Gray informing us that he would have made a different decision if he were Justice minister. Thanks for that Iain. As if anyone would believe that was actually in charge of anything. They probably ID him every time he turns up at Holyrood. He's the sort of man automatic doors fail to open for. It beggars belief that he's in charge of the Scottish Labour Party surely they can't be so stuck for a leader they've dispensed with the idea altogether and opted to follow a hole in the air. So unremarkable is he I'm convinced he doesn't exist, I reckon it's just one of the bank benchers throwing their voice. From Westminster.

Anyway I must dash I've got to build my defences against all those terminally ill suicide bombers who'll be flocking to Scotland because they'll get posthumous compassionate release and 72 virgins. And to think folk say we're mean!



David O'Keefe said...

Your supporting Megrahi's release you do surprise me!

Shame about the boycott, I have shares in Irn-bru and the pretenders.

iLL Man said...

Will that be Chrissy McHynde's band then?

Clairwil said...

Well not being entirely convinced of his guilt is probably an influence. That said even if he was guilty if he's near the end of his life and suffering from a terminal illness he's not really in a punishable state or likely to be much of a threat to anyone. It's not like we're opening the prison gates and freeing anyone who get's a note from their mum.

I am baffled by this talk of the Pretenders.

David O'Keefe said...

Oh fuck, It should have been the Proclaimers, sell sell sell.

Jim said...

"He's the sort of man automatic doors fail to open for."