Tough On Telephones

I see our glorious future government are pretending they know how to tackle youth crime with their laughable proposal to confiscate young hooligans phones. I hate to break it to them but I've met neds they'll only go and nick a replacement caring not a jot about the phone in police custody. They're not noted for their sentimentality about these things. The way they'll see it is that they end up with two phones once the police release the old one. Good God! We're talking about folk who attack people for looking at them. Confiscate their phones!

Oddly the report in the link above describes this is a populist measure. Who exactly is it popular with? If they'd proposed giving them a good boot up the arse or beheading them they'd be elected on a landslide. No one ever smacked a pub table and declared that criminals should lose their mobiles for a month. Populist! Are they anticipating future headlines that read 'nation rejoices as ned undergoes month of minor inconvenience'? The mind boggles.

The only people who'll be taken in by this daft policy are pensioners who don't realise that any old tramp can afford a mobile and believe the young pups are all getting about a million quid a week pocket money if they can afford mobiles.

Personally I'd just have gone for publishing their phone numbers and encouraging the nation to bombard them with crank calls. It wouldn't serve any real purpose other than my personal amusement but it's no less effective than this proposal which is more suited to an irate parent than a government in waiting.



Julie said...

Think you might like this Clairwil.


transfattyacid said...

I think the real purpose is to prevent the yoofs from filming the police while they give them a clip round the ear.

Anonymous said...

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cartside said...

maybe the purpose is to make crank calls to all numbers in their phone book.

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