A Question for Jim Devine

I was out on one of my strolls round yon internet when I dropped in to the excellent SNP Tactical Voting blog and came across this article regarding Jim Devine MP and his mysterious tradesmen which points out an inconsistency in Mr Devine's fantastic tale of men in pubs and woodworking publicans. I must say it's all most unfortunate.

However what caught my eye was a comment left by an anonymous poster, who really should have put their name to it so that we could all have bought them pints and patted them on the back. I'm slightly peeved at myself for not thinking of it first, all I can say in my defence was that I was too busy laughing at Jimmy boy's preposterous tale. Anyway anonymous asks an excellent question and one which I think we'd all like an answer to

'Re his other scam--the £2000 plus for electrical work to his London flat. I know that he met a man in a pub who carried out the work then slipped a dodgy invoice under his door. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? He couldn't have sent a cheque since the address on the invoice didn't exist. So did he go back to the same pub and pay the man in used fivers? I haven't heard his account of how he paid the bill---can anyone enlighten me?'

Taking into account Jim's piss poor excuses to date I have no doubt the answer will involve a magic cow named Henry, The A Team, a very large magnet and a golden unicorn. To be fair that would be more credible than anything he's come up with thus far.

I am mad with curiosity now as to how the bill was paid. I mean if he sent a cheque it would have been returned or have remained uncashed. Did the mysterious electrician come to collect payment or did Jim have to visit his business premises which appear to be a pub? Only two men know the answer and as one of them is either dead or up north we shall have to ask Jim. Happily Jim is a pretty open sort of guy and lists a whopping FIVE ways to contact him on his website. Not only that he's friendly too and is quite clear that we should not hesitate to contact him if he can be of assistance. Good old Jim!

So join me in asking Jim the all important questions -how was the bill paid and can your mate Tom O'Donnelly reccommend a good plasterer?


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