Oh My Sainted Aunt!

I seem to recall not so long ago writing a post mocking hysteria over the reccession, merrily chuckling that it would all sort itself out. Clearly that was bollocks. I knew things were bad from the amount of newly unemployed people turning up in my work including folk from senior management to the office cleaner. However the moment I grasped that the folk in charge really didn't have a clue what they were doing was when having buggered about with interest rates to no avail they started printing money.

Anyway naturally folk viewing this crisis ask the question what should be done? I'm fucked if I know but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest the folk at Birkbeck College have not stumbled on the answer. Their somewhat surprising suggestion being communism! Well it was such a rip roaring success last time around. Look I want to see Fred Goodwin and pals dragged from their homes and shot as much as anyone but for God's sake communism? I have never been so surprised in my life.

This should of course be the paragraph where I detail my proposals for sorting the whole mess out but I haven't the foggiest idea nor am I convinced anyone else has. Something will turn up eventually but I suspect it will be more by accident than design.



joe90 kane said...

I seem to recall not so long ago writing a post mocking hysteria over the reccession, merrily chuckling that it would all sort itself out. Clearly that was bollocks.

- You are brilliant Clairwill!

As for 'communist economics' (leaving aside the question that the Soviet Union was ever communist or any country ever was) - what else do you call the British Government intervening in the free-market with £1.3 trillion of taxpayers money in order to make sure the free-market doesn't work properly, and the government doesn't bother to ask the voters if this is what they want done?

If that isn't old-style command-economy Stalinism then I'm not one of your fans (which I am).

all the best!

Where else do you think these recently fashionable capitalist business management 'tools' come from (ie 5 year rolling plans, basket of performance indicators, mission statements etc)?

These are all plaigerised from the old-style Stalinist school of econmic management, I'm afraid.

joe90 kane said...

Sorry Clairwil
I meant to post some boring numbers stuff on the Stalinist distortions of the free-market perpetrated by the UK government and its pals in the stalinist private-tyrannies of capitalist corporations -

Crunch puts Britons £40,000 out of pocket
16 March 2009

Lifting The Lid on PFI
By Jim and Margaret Cuthbert
uk watch
03 Dec 2007

Stalinist-style economies is a crap idea maybe, but the west has been doing it for years anyway.

Clairwil said...

Christ! They'll be building a bloody wall to keep us all in next!

joe90 kane said...

Hiya Clairwil
sorry about my serial comments - but just to let you know that the Commies have just won an election in El Salvador -
Left triumphant in El Salvador election
Socialist Unity
16 Mar 2009

Just to let you know,
the El Salvadorans are the kind of Commies who give the wealth of the country back to the people who produce it, The People.

Not to be confused with the kind of Commies, such Brown and Darling, who don't hand over The People's wealth back to them - but prefer instead to use it subsidise a corporate welfare state for the rich.

A few failed banks and buisnessmen get to live off the fat of the land and who don't want to work, or live, in the free-market like the rest of us.

all the best!

Christ! They'll be building a bloody wall to keep us all in next!
- Well, if you're already skint, you won't be going anywhere anyway.

And as there is no jobs abroad either, as this 'depression' affect the rest of the West, then you won't be getting entry visas or work permits (except if you're rich etc) so you've got nowhere to go to to escape your forthcoming misery, drudgery and poverty -
- but don't worry, Scotland is getting warmer, so you won't need to go so many holdays abroad.

iLL Man said...

Ha! Once they start printing money, the fuckers won't be able to stop.

The answer? Not sure if it's an answer at all, but getting the banks to start lending to small and medium sized businesses, as well as each other again might be a start. Surely it's a little late to be watching their backs and worrying about the fucking shareholders now.........

Or am I way off the mark? Wouldn't surprise me..... ;)

Clairwil said...

I have long suspected the whole New Labour project was the result of a series of brainstroming sessions in which participants were asked to write down everything shit about capitalism and everything shit about communism.

The Ill Man,
I think lending to small and medium sized businesses would certainly help but I have been siezed with the awful feeling that no-one -not even the banks themselves know the magnitude of the black holes they themselves created. Surely if interest rates , house prices, share values keep going down the the already negative value of the "assets" they gambled on will keep going down which means these black holes we're attempting to fill will get bigger and bigger until it stops. If I were Gordon Brown I'd raid the public coffers and put the lot on a horse. If it come's off he'll be a hero especially if he says he was pissed when he did it. If it fails It'll be a cracking hoot about 300 years from now and you know what these fuckers are like about their legacy.

joe90 kane said...

Hi Guys,
New Labour PFI doesn't just make you ill,
it makes you dead as well -
Foreseeable Deaths Caused by New Labour's Obsessions
Socialist Unity
18 Mar 2009

Of course,
if you have shares in these unelected unaccountable, private corporations who are allowed to fatten themselves on NHS budgets, which ought to be getting spent on the public, then PFI is a huge success.

You can even use your share dividends (ie taxpayers money) to opt out of the crumbling NHS you are helping destroy, and go private!

As the thatcherite neo-liberal New Labour de-regulated markets and sold-off more public assets than most other governments (apart from the Yanks, our bosses) here are a few indicators as to our future -
Media starts to tell the truth about the worst financial crisis in living history
thread stated by Peter Fainton
Media Lens Messege Board
18 Mar 200

I can recommend the MLMB (and the Media Lens site in general) as a very good source for up-to-date news items, insights, good comments and debates, info etc

all the best!

My sincerest apologies for all this commie pinko propaganda, but its for your own good - and also pink is Clairwil's blog colour.

Amazing to think New Labour are still trying to sell off the most profitable parts of Royal Mail-Post Office leaving the public with the loss-making parts and all the debts!

Clairwil said...

The whole targets culture that's infected the public services is appalling. Just recently it has emerged that the reason that the police made such a mess of the investigation into that rapist taxi driver is that their pursuit of government targets led them to concentrate resources on the easiest to solve crimes rather than the most serious.


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