I shouldn't gloat but.....

I freely admit that I have a long standing and irrational dislike of Wendy Alexander based chiefly on her resemblance to the sort of neat pencil case toting whiny clipes I used to encounter in school. For all I know Wendy may have spent her formative years wearing too much make up smoking and sneering at things like a normal teenager but I doubt it.

I was rather disappointed in my mother for expressing sympathy for Ms Alexander because she was so obviously upset at resigning. Personally I just felt complete and utter despair and disgust. I've no patience at all for women elbowing their way into high powered jobs then whining like little girls when it all goes tits up. If you saw a male politician carrying on like that you'd piss yourself following an energetic bout of scornful laughter. Unless of course, you are the sort of person who fell for Blair's badly acted Diana speech.

Does Wendy actually regard herself as responsible for anything? Since the whole dodgy donations row started all we've heard is that it's the fault of the SNP -rather peculiar as it kicked off because someone within the Labour party leaked the information to the press. As far as I can tell all the SNP have done is gleefully jump all over it. Which I believe is pretty much normal for the wacky world of politics. I can't imagine a Labour administration rushing out to make excuses for a Tory or a Nat caught out in similar circumstances.

Her boo-hooing about being badly advised is just priceless. Let's remember she was caught out by legislation brought in by a Labour administration. If she's too disinterested to learn the details of legislation passed by her own party and too careless to seek proper advice then she deserves all she gets. If I thought for one moment she was in politics for anything other than career then I'd manage to work up a tiny bit of sympathy for her but I'm afraid the career catastrophes of self interested little daddy's girls leave the Clairwil tear ducts drier than the Sahara on a hot day. If you have any doubts about the woman's judgement then reflect on her choice of election agent- a man who couldn't even be bothered to vote for her.

The suggestion that her second resignation was brought about by misogyny is utterly laughable. Naturally popular misogynist Terry 'women are thick' Kelly is going for this angle, as are a few simple minded cretins on The Herald comments page. Being a self interested creature at heart I don't hold with sexism. It's true there have been plenty sexist remarks made about daft Wendy but if she'd been even slightly competent there would have been far fewer and any that were made would have had little impact. Incidentally isn't it odd that top feminists like Terry Kelly never speak out about sexist remarks directed towards Nicola Sturgeon or Ann Widdecombe?

However and I hope I'm wrong but I don't think this marks the end the Labour dominance of Scottish politics. Not to mention their corrupt little empires in the social and voluntary sectors. Whilst I am delighted to hear David Marshall is also resigning not least because he was extremely rude and patronising towards little me a while back*. I very much doubt Labour have much to worry about in that seat. I cannot for the life of me work out why but on my travels in that neck of the woods I might wonderful, spirited, bolshy, community focused people who'll happily list the sins of the current Labour administration. However suggest they stop encouraging them by not voting Labour and they get all giddy, accuse you of trying to let a Tory in and huffily announce that there's no alternative. If the SNP or anyone else snatch that seat I'll faint.


* I may add that as I was acting on behalf of a client I was very polite throughout. In fact I get on very well with several Labour councillors. The only members of the Labour party I have ever been rude to are Terry Kelly and Margaret Curran.


Esther said...

oh we're gonna try..

Clairwil said...

Well I wish you all the luck in the world and I'll happily help in any way I can but there are a lot of stubborn pensioners out there.

Anonymous said...

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