Poor Old Labour

Ah the poor old Labour Party. Was it only a year ago we were heartily sick of their spin doctoring and slick presentation? Now confronted with a leadership racing about, shouting at random like angry toddlers I cannot help but think they should have.....oh Christ I don't know...at least given the appearance of speaking to each other occasionally.

Good Lord if the British bit and Scottish bit of a unionist political party can't even agree on their strategy to defeat Scottish nationalism, what hope is there for the union? Well actually there's stacks of hope. Both sides underestimate the Scottish love of whining. It's a curious thing but the most staunch unionists I know spend their two weeks in Spain fighting the English for being arrogant cunts, yet suggest they might not wish to be part of a political alliance with a country they despise and they start panicking about being economically ruined. Suggest that they should then be grateful to the English for helping them out and they become homicidal. It's a funny thing the old unionism.

In fairness I can understand it in Scottish politicians, it's only the union that allows them to swank round London with bags of money. London has it's attractions not least amongst them several Vivienne Westwood outlets, though clearly that is not foremost in Wendy Alexanders mind. I don't know if it's intentional but she looks like a woman who'd be chuffed to bits with a BHS voucher and a lunch at Jacket Junction. I hate to be rude but she's a bit 'shopping centre' isn't she?

I did plan to go on to mock Gordon Brown but really all he's done is treat Alexander with the contempt she deserves. Look at her, listen to her, observe her 'strategy' and really you can't blame him. Let's face it, it's the first bit of good judgement he's shown since becoming PM.



iLL Man said...

By far the funniest thing to happen this week. Watching Pravda Labour (Daily Record) trying to make this look like some kind of political masterstroke has been the icing on the cake.

Clairwil said...

Why do you read the record? I haven't looked at one for years.

iLL Man said...

Got sent on an errand to the Land Registry, it was lying about and I've read all their women's mags.........

transfattyacid said...

Why worry about the economy - Scotland can have the oil and England can get the money out of the EU.

Speaking of which it would be nice if this devolution thing when the whole hog and London became a kind of Singapore or Monaco, so that the rest of the country can get proper economic devlopement and prosper.

re: the oil, the reason Scotland can have it is that apart from maybe Norway, there is some reasearch that says every country with an oil based economy has seen the divide between the rich and poor increase - and the poorest sections of society have suffered the most.

So for the sake of social justice, Scotland can have those economic problems.

Clairwil said...

I thought the oil was about to run out or has that story changed? It's so hard to keep up. To be honest I never think about it. In any case I very much that England would have to go begging to the EU if it didn't have to subsidise Scotland.

I'm a little wary of figures based on wealth divides. I can't say I suffer much from being poorer than than anyone. I can feed, clothe and house myself so anything else is a bonus really.

liwo said...

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