This, That and The Other

I'm still business planning like a beast and haven't done an awful lot of blogging as some of you may have noticed. I might be off on my travels again -this time to Brighton for another course towards the end of the month so expect another absence around that time.

Anyway I am pleased to note that 'Adam Smith Was A Socialist' has paid me the compliment of stating that I'm wilder than Professor Harvie. I have to say I've heard tales of wild professors but I've yet to meet one. The best I can do is a mild mannered professor who has a relative with 'FUCK PORTSMOUTH' tattooed round his neck. Apparently he was in the navy.

On the subject of Professor Harvie I must confess I'm a fan. I'm not sure if Lockerbie is a dump but from the five minutes I spent there on a dismal coach trip to Spain many years back I can confirm it looks depressing. Can the locals be blamed for hitting the bottle? That said I'm not the best judge of these things I thought the SSP were depressing when I was a member. It was only after my exit that news of orgies and the sort of things I believe in reached my ears. Of course by then it was too late. Perhaps there is more to Lockerbie than meets the eye.

I've no idea but I'm not sure why Lockerbie should be exempt from criticism because it has seen a bit of tragedy in recent years.

As for Carlisle I cannot comment I've used the services on it's outskirts a few times and have no recollection of the experience.

My heart soared when he described the young pups of Scotland as the worst dressed in Europe. If I may be critical for a moment I think he was too kind. They are in fact the worst dressed in the world. If I see another pair of man tits wobbling in a tracksuit I am at serious risk of becoming violent. Sportswear is for doing sports in, not spitting at bus stops and signing on in. It's a question of self-respect. When I was on the dole I used to sign on in a tiara. It riled them something awful! I loved it. The professors suggestion that youths take to wearing knickerbockers instead is long overdue and most welcome in my book, though I'd settle for them putting any amount of thought into their attire and coming up with something stylish. If you're going to useless in life at least be good to look at.

The professor himself has a distinctive look. It's not an immediate hit, it's true. In fact I remember chasing a fellow dressed in a similar fashion and calling him an 'awful slug' and a 'Gordon' as a child. My chums and I finally caught up with him and demanded that he identify himself . The poor chap made the terrible mistake of producing a pair of opera glasses and asking if we wanted a shot. Naturally we subjected him to a degree of torture until his family took him to Saudi Arabia for a while. But that was years ago these days I admire a country gent. I most certainly wouldn't want to sleep with one but I'd take their advice. It's a look that commands attention.

I'm also a sucker for virtually anyone who gets the popular goat. Unless they're mocking Diana which is obviously wrong on the grounds that she was the monarchy's answer to Dastardly and Mutley, had nice legs and ran rings round 'intellectual prince Chazza'.

In other news tomorrow is 'Women's Day' which, in Britain will be ignored by most, give folk who organise community events to celebrate it a small thrill as they kid themselves they're doing something radical and achieve nothing. In the meantime the women who would actually benefit from a bit of action on their behalf will carry on as normal unsafe in the knowledge that their 'sisters' were only ever in it for personal career advantage and no-one gives a fuck.



ZinZin said...

I like Harvie, he only told the truth for goodness sake. Why Lockerbie? He could have used any shithole in the Uk to make his point, why go for the scene of a tragedy? He didn't apologise for it, which pleasesd me no end.

An SSP member? Even I avoided joining a far left political group, still I came quite close. I blame Woodward.

iLL Man said...

That should be what lies in wait for any trackie scruff caught breaching the peace. Force them to wear Knickerbockers. Then send them to Lockerbie.........

I like the way he got most of the tabloid press jumping to the defence of the neds. Classic.

Clairwil said...

Well as you know I'm not entirely ant-ned myself. I think the they have been let down by society, it's just that I part company from your social worker type in believing that their circumstances absolve them of the duty to reach their full potential and behave in a civilised manner.

On the matter of personal style, their magpie like love of gold apart, they do look fucking terrible. What we need is a ned friendly Trinny and Susannah to lick them into shape. Their used to be a proud tradition of working class street style in this country. Lord knows what went wrong.

Anonymous said...

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