My Day

Firstly I slept in and had to get a taxi to work at a cost of £11.50. Then one of my clients casually announced that they'd been caught speeding and driving without insurance oh and no valid license. Normally I'd think well hell mend you but I secretly approve of evading driving expenses and I like her which sadly isn't enough to let her off the hook.

Upon getting off the bus I felt a tugging on the hem of my skirt which, a rotund fellow informed me had been tucked into my drawers. I'm not sure what the etiquette is in that situation but I feel certain is quite wrong for a man to correct the error. A quite word in my ear would have sufficed.

I was then accosted by a chap who was upset that the CSA were demanding £5 per week to maintain his children. Apparently his ex is 'a fucking boot' which explains how he got near enough to impregnate her but not why it should exempt him from taking responsibility for his own children. He then went on to explain that the CSA were forcing him to become an alcoholic, I helpfully explained to him that if he spent £5 per week on his children he'd have less for drink and wouldn't be able to become alcoholic. He was most ungrateful which serves him right for accosting me on my lunch break.

Later on I locked myself out of the house rushing to an appointment to have my eyebrows dyed and plucked. I normally go to the beauty stop in Shawlands but I went to Frasers for a change. It certainly was a change -normally my treatment costs £8 but in Frasers it is £26. I just about died with my legs in the air!

Before I could gain access to my nest I had to go for a haircut and now look like a young Paul McCartney. Needless to say I didn't ask for a lovable moptop but that's what I've got.

On Friday I'm off to London, I haven't packed a thing, I going straight from work and I'm fit to drop. Wish me luck.



iLL Man said...

Luck duly wished.....

How are the business plans going?

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Luck wished...not sure what for though, a less expensive day lol, BG x

Rumbold said...


I know that Terrywatch is a group blog, but really, do you have to let Shotgun post? He really is a nasty piece of work- whenever I read anything by him I side with Terry Kelly, which tells you something. Shotgun also goes too far with personal attacks on Terry's family.

Clairwil said...

Ill Man
Cheers! The business plans are going very well. By sheer luck I met a woman in London who'd set up a similar thing in England and it's going very well. Naturally I've got her contact details which I think means I've 'networked'. In a hotel in Chelsea of all places!

Cheers it's been an expensive week. Let's pray this week is cheap before my bank manager beheads me.

It's not really for me let anyone post or otherwise. The blog was started by Surreptitious Evil, so really it's his call.

ZinZin said...

Rumbold there are nastier bloggers than Shotgun. Such as Bullshit spotter. He makes shotgun look like mother teresa in comparison.

Clairwil: Are you going to tell us what business you are going into?

iLL Man said...

Clairwil, sounds good. Looking forward to hearing what it's all about in due course........

Zinzin - I thought I was the nastiest blogger round these parts!


See?, terrifying..........

ZinZin said...

Ill man- easy tiger, have a bowl of frosties.

Rumbold said...


Still, I would not want to be associated with anyone like Shotgun.

ZinZin said...

Rumbold your not her mother, so you have no right to choose her friends.

Clairwil said...

I'm not his friend I've never met him. I know very little about him in truth.As far as I'm aware he's an adult and responsible for his own actions. I strongly suggest you take your beef up with him.

I joined Terrywatch because I felt he should be fisked from the left as well as the right. Call it self preservation but I'm a leftie and hew doesn't speak for me. I don't count any of the contributors as friens, though I like a good few of the (particularly Right For Scotland) as far as one can judge via the internet.

You really are barking up the wrong tree here.

Zin Zin


Clairwil said...

Sorry for the spelling

Business meeting + night in the pub = fat fingers

Rumbold said...


I did not say that he was your friend. I shall drop the matter (I am only commenting on here because I do not have a blogger ID and so cannot comment on Terrywatch).

Anonymous said...

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