The Britblog Round Up 152.

Welcome to the second round up of 2008. Far be it from me to boast but I've knocked it off this week in the nomination stakes. First up giving you two round up's for the price of one is The Carnival of Feminists which has set up camp at Philobiblon. I cannot recommend the carnival highly enough, you don't have to be feminist or even female to appreciate the quality of the writing or the diverse subject matter on offer, though if you are you should be dancing by the end of it.

Given my racy disposition I'm sure it will surprise no one that my two favourites concern the deed of darkness. Read 'A Feminist Perspective on Politics and Culture' outdo me in the exasperated rage stakes on the subject of sex education, then Greta Christina takes a balanced feminist view of jolly, old porn. If you learn nothing else from this post you will discover that there is a porno in existence called 'Britney Rears'. No genre with such a talent for puns can be all bad.

Talking of feminists, Councillor Terry Kelly has been in the limelight this week after expressing the view that women are thick on his remarkable blog. However before anyone gets angry and accuses him of sexism he had this to say to the media;

'Everyone who knows me knows that I am not sexist. I've lived for years with my wife and daughter and I wouldn't dare be sexist with them as far as women are concerned.'

It would be easier to round up who hadn't covered this story so I'll leave you with this one from Terrywatch, this from The Burning Times and finally this from Mr Eugenides. Before I move on I should also draw your attention to this from Tartan Hero on Terry's foray into the world of employment law. It occurs to me as I close these paragraphs that those of you out with Scotland won't have a clue what I'm on about, really all you need to know is that Councillor Kelly was Wendy Alexander's election agent until this year and Wendy Alexander is Gordon Brown's protege.

Moving on The Daily Maybe has a go at David Cameron over his plans for the unemployed reminding me I had intended to write about this myself from my point of view in the welfare right racket. Still that leaves only one anti unrepresented because Benefit Scrounging Scum has done a sterling demolition job on Dave's plans.

Those of you us who don't live in Birmingham can glimpse the future here. As to where you buy cyanide I have no idea.

For a bit of light relief Pandemian re-writes the dictionary.

Don't get too chipper though because Blog of Funk brings us the bad news about nuclear power. I knew there had to be a downside as does 'The Real Blog'.

Speaking of downsides sometimes life gets so bad that even politicians cry real tears. Whatever next? Oh I know the rest of us sobbing quietly.

Children should be neither seen nor heard -the self important little shits and I don't care if their relationship with their parents is so bad they have to communicate by way of publishing deals. Happily some parent and child relationships are far healthier, what a shame the authorities won't acknowledge it.

What should be seen is this blog about English architecture- in particular this undiscovered gem.

I'd always wondered what those odd cubicles at the side of the road were. Now I know.

A podcast for you here......

....and a kick in the nuts for the London free sheets here from the same chap.

Matt Wardman warns against bloggers quoting the msm without fact checking and beautifully fisks Janet Street-Porter.

Alex Parsons argues for the replacement of multiculturalism with secularism.

Finally Pickled Politics cover the racism in cricket row.

That's all for this week.



Gavin Whenman said...

Cheers for the links! That second one (to GavinWhenman.com) isn't a podcast though :-)

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Thank you for the link, it really is an excellent job you've done! BG

Casdok said...

Yes thank you for the links, will keep me quiet for a while!!

Alix said...

Thank you! I thought that post of mine was a slightly embarrassingly bitter and snipey rant, actually. How good to live in a virtual world where embarrassingly bitter and snipey rants are appreciated!

iLL Man said...

Some excellent stuff in there. A few new additions to my links bar by the looks of it. Cheers!

Oh, and that bloody Street-Porter woman! I think we should all have a sweep on when she'll do her next blogger bashing article. I give it six months.

Clairwil said...

My apologies! It's fixed now. When I wrote the post I was having some computer problems and couldn't open your links to read them first. Rather than leave them out I took a gamble and guessed!

Don't mention it. Your inclusion was well deserved.

Don't keep quiet for God's sake! There's no fun in it.

Welcome to the association of very bitter folk!

Ill Man,
The tound up is indeed a treat and worth tracking down of a Sunday/Monday.

Anonymous said...

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