Oh God!

I have just swanned back over the border having been in England for the first time this decade. Unfortunately I saw rather too much of the wrong sort of England -their fucking motorways. Almost 14 hours I spent trapped in the car with my Radio 2 loving parents. Apparently a lorry crashed somewhere and caused a tailback stretching from Manchester to London. Honestly the service station we dropped into was like a refugee camp. Dazed folk wandering about nibbling Kit Kat Chunkys and mumbling 'please let's book a travel tavern'. It was appalling.

I devoured fifteen chapters of my book before the light went and then I was trapped with my knees under my chin listening to 'Whispering' Bob Harris. It got so bad at one point I was praying that we'd get there for my niece starting nursery. Needless to say I flew back earlier than planned, having refused to travel long distance in a car ever again. Fuck carbon footprints! There are my human rights to consider.

It was during car hell that news received my ears of the death of Benazir Bhutto. To be awfully silly female and trivial about it I was sorry because she was so beautiful and stylish. To be more serious I don't approve of political assassinations when folk are participating in a democratic system. On a purely personal note a charming acquaintance of mine is in Pakistan as I type which is a worry and I was hoping for a holiday there at some point. As a country it intrigues me, I think because of the vast number of it's former residents I'm pally with just now. Note to immigrants if you bring me home cooked food I will worship your country like a god. I'm like that.

I'm pondering making a few New Year's resolutions because I've mostly found them effective and yes, fans giving up blogging is in there or at least giving it up under the 'Clairwil' banner. I may not it's just a thought. In truth I don't understand why I receive so much hate email. It doesn't wound me or distress me as I presume it's meant to but it is very, very wearing.



iLL Man said...

I think you get hate mail because you have the guts to be honest sometimes. I (and a lot of others) skirt round issues or avoid them entirely. You'll be surprised at how many people out there get enraged that someone doesn't hold the same opinion as them, or god forbid suggests that their way of thinking may be flawed.

I assume the abuse is via email rather than the less cowardly, but inconveniently confrontational medium of leaving a response on your blog.

Have they named your niece yet? Not 'Thurstina' I trust.......

Anyway, Happy New Year Clairwil

ill man

Clairwil said...

The niece has been named Angela so let's be thankful for small mercies!

I'm getting the nasty stuff via email but blocked so that I can't respond. I suspect there is only one or two folk involved because it's the same technique used all the time. Blocked hotmail address, friendly start and subject matter. Right from the start of my blogging career I've had a small select band of readers who prefer to email rather than comment which is fine because most of them are darlings and have good reason to email. But this lot are a pain in the baws.

Happy new year, seasons greeting etc

Anonymous said...

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