Reasons To Be Cheerful

Our chum Councillor Terry Kelly is engaged in a 'debate' with a white South African about the ANC. The white fellow reckons that the ANC did some pretty unpleasant things. Terry on the other hand is having none of it. This may in fact be Terry's finest hour.......

'Remember Henry you're not in S.A. now waving a whip at a cringing black child'.

This time next week we'll all be tossing that quote into conversations.



Anonymous said...


Much as it saddens me to say so, this is indeed Kellys' finest hour. The guy is a racist little shite. Whatever the ANC did, and some of it was despicable, is nothing compared to what the SA Security Services did. And this guy worked for them. There is no excuse for that sort of behaviour and there are times you wish the truth and reconciliation committee hadn't bothered it's shirt.

Kelly might be a crap politician, but this guy is scum.


Rumbold said...


Do you ever comment anonymously on Terry's blog?

I prefered the comment when he said:

"I can tell you that even you lot even at the depths to which you have sunk god still loves you and will care for you no matter what, mind you if it was me I'd set fire to all of you and watch you die a slow lingering painful death but, I digress."


In fairness to the man, he later said that he did not want me to die a slow lingering painful death, which I thought rather reasonable.

iLL Man said...

Something tells me ex-SA Security Services Officers are not best placed to pass comment on the conduct of the ANC.

Clairwil said...

That is a fantastic comment, perhaps his finest yet. I haven't commented on Terry's blog for ages now though I have done in various guises. Now might be the time to pop back. He's on fire.

Illman & Douglas

I am well aware that the S.A army weren't employed to distribute free lollipops in the townships. Like many young pups my age in the apartheid era I did have an interest in South Africa.

Henry was a conscript into the army medical corps. The alternative being a six year stretch. Of course the noble thing to do would be to refuse to join and take the jail term but that's easier said than done and is one of these things one might hope everyone else does. I'd like to think in the same situation I'd have done the time but I cannot swear to it.

Similarly if I'd been a black South African I like to think I would have employed peaceful means to end apartheid but I cannot say I wouldn't have been necklacing informers.

Henry mentions that during that time he saw things on both sides that sickened him. Surely a racist would have been pleased by what he saw on the army side?

I don't know the man, I certainly don't agree with all his views. However I wasn't aware that every single conscript into the S.A army without exception brandished whips at black children or committed atrocities. Until I see evidence to the contrary I'm happy enough to take Henry at his word.

Kelly's comment in response to Henry's came accross as needlessly insulting and pretty stupid. Perhaps if Terry bothered to do more than parrot dogma he could have used to a few facts to construct an argument against him.

iLL Man said...

Accepted. Consider my ignorance corrected on this one.

Rumbold said...


You should return- I think that he is getting a bit bored of abusing the same people, so he was secretly delighted when Henry Crun emerged.

I must say though that he has never abused me, and I think that those who are insulted by him tend to give as good as they get, though not with the same level of crudity.

Clairwil said...

Ill Man,
Not to worry, it's a fairly understandable intitial reaction.

The time for a comeback maybe at hand. I was going to wait until Castro died or Wendy Alexander did something unsocialist but winding up Terry is fun.

Anonymous said...

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