Britblog Round Up

We seem to be rather short of nominations this week, so I'll start of with a reminder that you can nominate here and we'll say no more about it.

First up we have a surreal and possibly libellous post from The Terry Boys about poor Nicola Sturgeon. Words fail me.

On to rather saner and more serious territory the father of the britblog round up, Tim Worstall defends civil servant Owen Barder against the a rather hysterical article in the Daily Hell. Philobiblon takes a look at Michael Williams, ' Crisis and Consensus in British Politics: From Bagehot to Blair'.

We also have Early Modern Notes on 'wikis' and yes I did think wiki= Wikipedia until now so it's bottom of the class for Clairwil.

Early Modern Whale on Antapologia.

The Daily (Maybe) brings us an account of the Labour left's failed bid for leadership.

Lady Bracknell catches Southampton Council out using the power of sitemeter and Nee Naw takes a busmans holiday thanks to a friend falling over a wall on their way to the jacuzzi. God i hate it when that happens.

Liberal England trashes a few myths about the Victorians. Gracchi examines Theodore Dalrymple's article comparing radical Islam and Marxism.

This is a truly excellent piece on the media circus surrounding the abduction of Madeline McCann and I recommend you all read it, particularly if like me you are pig sick of the media's ambulance chasing.

To lighten the mood a bit here we have an account of a trip to London . I wholeheartedly agree that the Megabus man is terrifying. I've seen many a happy child become an inconsolable wreck at the merest glimpse of his obscene leer. That tells us all we need to know.

As a Dodo brings us news of yet another ill-advised Hollywood remake.

We also have a military mans take on the decision not to allow Prince Harry to go to Iraq and finally a sex change in the world of gaming!

That's it. Over here next week.