Random Quotes And Lyrics Round Three

Here is the last round. Remember all three rounds are open until Saturday and there are plenty points waiting to be won. The quotes in this round are all pinched from other people's blogs but can you tell me which blogs they came from?

1. 'It’s the mentality. It’s a symptom of defence, protection, withdrawal. There is an inherent simplistic immaturity about those who drive them. A dullness, a predictability, a poverty of ambition, a lack of imagination, a sheepish willingness to believe the marketers....'

2. 'People who walk slowly should have their legs chopped off below the knees. If they are walking slowly because they are crippled, then chopping their legs off below the knees simply hurries up the crippling process and gets the cripple a wheelchair faster on the National Health. If they are walking slowly because they are lazy then these people need their legs cut off for mocking the afflicted.'

3. 'I dispute his use of the word 'rational' here. He actually means utilitarian or better still functionalist. Of course, the 'rational' shopper takes more than just cost into account. He does come to admit this...'

4. 'Describing me as a 'slightly overweight Barbara Streisand', too coarse, too heavy. Not ugly but average and ordinary looking and therefore deluded.'

5. 'And I could only watch with open-mouthed admiration his forensic dismantling of the very basis of Dalrymple's argument: you see, the Shadow Housing Spokesman is not part of the the Shadow Cabinet. And Dalrymple said it was! So much for his credentials as an expert on terrorism and the middle east!'

6. 'A particularly typical example of liberal guilt “we-feel-sorry-for-you” racism. You see they would have liked to to put a black model on the front but she just would not have sold as many copies. So they used a druggie.'

7. 'The cons of this are: clock-watching from 3pm onwards instead of going shopping for four hours and coming back in the evening when I'm more productive; Violet; knowing where I'm going to be every day; having to work in one of those cubicles like what Dilbert has.'

8.' ......both pieces are philosphically flawed. If, for example, it could be shown that Jeremy Clarkson's "snarling contempt" for speed-limits, cameras, pedestrians, people who drive diesel cars etc. made absolutely no impact at all on Britain's road death-toll, does this mean he should be allowed to live? You see the problems you get into when you use utilitarian reasoning. Surely in a civilised society aesthetic reasons alone should be enough to justify his execution?'

9. 'For the 2012 Olympics in the UK, a gigantic new mosque complex is planned in London—and the main promoter of the project is a Pakistani Islamic supremacist group, the Tablighi Jamaat'

10. 'All that, and she has tits like spaniel's ears and a snatch that looks like a stamped bat breathing it's last, which came as a shock. I know us British gents aren't supposed to kiss and tell, but I think Hugh Grant neatly blew that one out of the water.'

Results on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

1- Dr Feelgood.

2- Emerald Bile

4- The Darbyshires

5- Tampon Teabag

10- Flying Rodent.

ill man said...

The above entry was me.

Clairwil said...

Wonderful stuff, keep the answers coming for all three rounds.

Anonymous said...

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