Move Away From The Nutters.....

Reading my mail today has been like standing next to someone really boring at a party. No postcard manifestos or funny stuff, instead I have received a twelve page letter and some fake minutes from the SSP. Lord knows what's prompted this as I left two years ago. I'm afraid there's not much in the way of laughs in it. As far as I can make out some members of the SSP have different ideas from others, some are even 'to the right of the Tories'!?! and anyone who believes anything Tommy Sheridan says is 'middle-class', which suits me because I could do with the money and dream of owning a dining room table. If they want me back I'd rather they just complemented me on my ankles or bought me a few drinks. I really don't have the energy for their ridiculous arguments. In fact for a laugh I might write back and suggest that I take over as party leader. That'd settle it.

Moving swiftly away from the shouting people. Today's Herald reports the results of a survey asking people how they rate the importance of their Scottish identity. White, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani Scots were all surveyed. The results are certain to astonish my mother who I'm sad to report takes a dim view of Pakistanis (she thinks they attract pigeons). Far from 'not wanting to integrate' they are top of the patriots, with white Scots coming third. The article also includes an interview with Amal Azzudin an African-Scot who interestingly enough considers herself half Scottish but not British. The opposite seems to be true south of the border where people tend to describe themselves as Black-British etc rather than Black-English. The theory is mooted that English identity is more bound up with ones ethnic origin and therefore less inclusive than Scottish identity. I have to say I have my doubts about that explanation. For heavens sake there are people in parts of Glasgow that regard people from the next street as 'alien' life forms and that's before we get into hating people from other cities, up north, down south and anywhere over 1 mile from your front door. Scottish identity may have many positive aspects but inclusiveness surely isn't one of them. Or have I missed something?


Nighty Night


Universal Soldier said...

One of the problems south of the border is that wanting to be'English' instantly makes you some sort of racist nazi - well if you listen to the papers it does. To top it off we are not allowed an English parliament to discuss English only issues. Although having seen that monstrosity of a building in Edinburgh maybe it's no bad thing.

Clairwil said...

Yeah the English= Nazi thing always struck me as a bit strange. More so when one considers so many English people subscribe to this view. Though I think thing are changing. As for an English parliament all I'll say is for God's sake don't let them build one. Use the one you've got.

Anonymous said...

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