Oh God! Not Rupert!

I'm not one of those folk who pore over pictures of the rich and famous guffawing at bad plastic surgery or worse looking for cellulite and the like. One of my favourite pastimes is looking at things and I'd far rather look at a beautiful thing than a ropey one. I'm funny like that.

There are few things I enjoy looking at more than Rupert Everett which is why stumbling upon this act of vandalism tortures me. Who is responsible for this outrage? He was aging rather nicely-what on earth possessed him? The surgeon responsible must be strung up before he reoffends.

I'm honestly devastated at the loss of one of the world's great beauties so much so that I'm considering having my stationery edged in black. Is surgery a bit like hairdye in that it settles down a bit after a time? Please answer yes.



eeore said...

If you are lusting after Rupert Everett, I suspect you may be barking up the wrong tree:)

Clairwil said...

Oh I'm not barking up the tree, just admiring it's form.

iLL Man said...

Isn't that what they invented airbrushing for? The vain old tart.

He looks like a piece of fibreboard.

Clairwil said...

It's like he's had has entire personality removed. Deeply upsetting.

Anonymous said...

That is scary !

Oblong said...

Maybe he's just covered in custard.

Anonymous said...

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