God Help Me I'm An Addict!

I'm not proud of it but I've become addicted to perusing the BNP membership list. I merely had a peep to make sure my mother wasn't on it (she isn't) and before I knew it I was obsessed.

Once I'd established that only one near neighbour was a member and resolved to hang about outside his close in a burkha cackling (worse if I find out it's him that's been vandalising my garden), I lost interest in tormenting the Nazis. Instead I became obsessed with the hobbies of the members. Far from being a Who's Who of the professional classes most of the list appear to be idle hobbyists. My favourite thus far is the chap who's hobby is making 'kites with BNP logos etc'. How I long to know what lurks behind that intriguing 'etc'.

Caravaning seems to be a popular pastime amongst the Nazis which only confirms my belief that one should remain aloof from one's fellow tourists on holiday. There is a fellow on the list who likes model trains. I think that is a charming, restful hobby and the sort of thing I'd do if I had more space. It also means that if anyone harms him I shall be most upset. Most upset indeed.

I am puzzled by the number of foreign addresses on their mailing list. If you're upset by the foreigners don't live abroad -they'll only outnumber you and speak better English than you behind your back. In any case shouldn't the ex-pat Nazis be setting a good example and fucking off back where they came from?

Leaving nosiness and my amusement at the monstering of people who either actively or by their silence supported the intimidation of their political opponents in the form of Redwatch aside, I can't claim to be happy about this leak or it's likely consequences.

Well in truth my lynch mob loving, savage instincts are doing a jig but the nice civilised bit cannot bring itself to condone the harassment or intimidation of people for their beliefs -even if they are loathsome. Either you believe in freedom of conscience or you don't and if you don't then I'm afraid that's where we part company.

I'm also a little perturbed at the prospect of folk losing their jobs over this. Though I personally cannot see how anyone who felt that strongly about race could serve the police force and the teaching profession well. Both jobs require an ability to think objectively and if one is going to get all upset at the sight of a brown face then they have no real grounds to complain if their employer makes a more realistic assessment of their career prospects than they have themselves. I'm also concerned that otherwise sound convictions could end up being overturned if they turn out to be based on evidence from a racist police officer.

When I was in the bank and a keen as mustard member of the SSP I was pulled up by the management over my politics. They'd been poking into my bank account and clocked my political contributions. I certainly didn't beg for my job or pretend my beliefs were other than they were. I merely confirmed that I thought the bank should be nationalised. They looked at me like I was mental but as ever I'm having the last laugh. I can't say I was pleased at being interrogated about my politics by those buffoons but I could see their point and resigned a week later.

To me a BNP supporting police officer should do the same unless of course they're an unprincipled baby who wants to have their cake and eat it. Oh come on police forces the length of the British Isles are falling over themselves to show how anti-racist they are. Why would any dedicated, principled racist wish to be part of such an organisation? If it's to subvert from within, I'll just point out what a dismal failure thats been. Police racism has hardly been an effective deterrent against immigration has it? Similarly I can't say I've heard anyone claim to have been forced out the country due to the behaviour of the police.

Other than the occupations mentioned above I don't think it is an employers business what their employees politics are, unless the employee chooses to make it so. In which case they should be prepared to take the consequences on the chin.

In hiding behind the human rights act and continuing their failure to condemn the antics of their chums at Redwatch the BNP have exposed themselves for the clownish hypocrites they are -a far better hatchet job than anything the keenest anti-Nazi could have dreamt up. Anyone harassing individuals on the membership list is just handing loathsome characters a lot more public sympathy than they deserve, achieving nothing and giving the Nazis the impression they're a hell of a lot more important than they actually are. Not to mention being a teensy bit hypocritical themselves unless of course they'd support a similar BNP attack on a left wing target. If you're too thick to defeat that filth with reason then for God's sake find something else to do and don't endow them with the asset of minor league martyrdom. In short leave the list alone.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Clairwil for once again putting what I was thinking so succinctly and sensibly. I haven't even gone looking for this list to be honest - I find nazis as loathesome as the next right-thinking person, but the prospect of said right-thinking people now becoming the persecutors gives me a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I haven't seen the list either. Whilst I despise the politics of the BNP I've always believed the whole point of being British is that people are free to believe whatever they choose.
Having said that, a close friend of mine does know the officer alleged to be a BNP member and at the moment it is very much alleged. He is apparently a decent copper and had never displayed any discriminatory behaviour that others had noticed.

Henk Van Vleck said...

you piqued my curiosity so I had to have a little shufti...did you try edit>find "@69".

British Naughty Party!

Henk Van Vleck said...

I meant "69@" of course...

eeore said...

But you make the assumption that every member of the list is a racist.

People join political parties for a wide range of reasons.

Anonymous said...

"But you make the assumption that every member of the list is a racist.

People join political parties for a wide range of reasons."

Indeed. And feeling that perhaps not having any limits at all on immigration is demographic lunacy is not necessarily "racist".

iLL Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iLL Man said...

So why join the BNP? That's what I don't get. Race hate is at the very core of the party.

That said, I once knew a girl who was going out with a black lad, but she stated quite plainly to me that she would vote BNP, as she saw it as the only way to prevent illegal immigrants getting into the country. In her mind, the BNP's true agenda was secondary to her fears about immigraion.

Never under-estimate the power of simplistic reasoning.

Anonymous said...


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