God Bless The East End

An an anonymous comment informs me that Total Politics have incredibly got me listed as a Labour blog!

Lord knows what gave them that idea. For the record I am one of the elite band of Glaswegians who have never voted Labour -ever! I've voted SNP and SSP in the past and on the wonderful single transferable vote council elections last year voted as follows 1. SNP 2. Solidarity 3.Green 4. SSP 5. Conservative. I didn't vote Labour because I hate them and the Lib Dems lost out because that just amounts to voting Labour in Scotland. When I find out who listed me as a Labour supporting blog I'm going to start a smear campaign against them and see how they like it. Labour indeed.

I would also add that I have in the past been a member of the SNP but I left because they wouldn't take my fear of dogs at all seriously, I then joined the SSP but left because of the women. Honestly I still have nightmares. At present I'm happily unaffiliated and intend to stay that way for the foreseeable future. In truth I'm a contrary cow born for opposition. In other words I'm a pain in the bum that goes and spoils it all when a consensus emerges. You really don't want me in your party. Nevertheless be warned I've joined before and I may join again.

Speaking of Labour, no one who witnessed my beer fuelled victory dance as the results came in could mistake me for a Labour voter. Once I'd lifted my jaw off the floor I made something of a slightly tipsy exhibition of myself. Mind you that was nothing compared to my sober hooting as I passed the sad Labour losers as they cleared out campaign HQ earlier today. It is of course wronmg and mean spirited to kick folk when they're down but that shower of parasites should be kicked every opportunity one gets. After all we pay enough for them I think that entitles us to rough them up from time to time. I speak metaphorically rather than literally no-one should subject Labour party members to violence unless there are no witnesses and you're really certain you'll get away with it*.

Anyway apologies for the absence. I've been getting my caseload in work up to date in preparation for my annual leave, job hunting and business planning, enjoying this glorious weather and tending my garden. I have to say this guerilla gardening lark is the best thing I've done in ages. I'm almost finished planting one side of my strip of land but am now planning to add some window boxes to the fence. The response from local businesses, passers by and neighbours to my wee garden has been fabulous. The folk in the pub opposite are providing me with water and policing the bin area. One of their customers has promsied me free plants and cuttings, people have given me money to buy plants and I can't so much as plant a seed with out someone patting me on the back. It's all been quite overwhelming really and being a praise loving beastie has led to me planning to take over another two bits of local abandoned land. These are somewhat bigger jobs and I really do need some help with them anyone genuinely interseted in setting up a Glasgow dig rather than wasting my time should join up here.

I haven't forgotten my series of posts on UK poverty and will get them done over the next two weeks when I have more time. I'll also be making all sorts of disparaging remarks about the mess the government are about to make of benefit reform -why they don't simply ask me to sort it is a mystery, I'm cheap, right and amusing after a few drinks.

Finally God Bless the East End for at long last delivering an almighty boot up the arse to their parasitical oppressors.


*For the hard of thinking this is what is generally referred to as a joke.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it was me who recommended your blog for Total Politics, because I wanted to vote for it in the Top 100.

I didn't specify a party affiliation, though, and I expect because the post at the top at the time was this one I expect he assumed you were Labour.

You can get it changed by leaving a message here.

asquith said...

If he can't do a simple bit of research, or get someone else to do it, how can he expect to be taken seriously?

My decision not to dignify this charade has been vindicated.

Clairwil said...

Thanks for the nomination Ian! Don't worry it's only mock outrage, I actually found it quite funny.

I seem to be somewhat out of touch. Is Total Politics controversial?

Anonymous said...

Total Politics is being attacked by the usual 'I don't like Iain Dale, therefore anything he does is bad' mob.

However, some of their blog placings are bizarre.

eeore said...

Maybe the voters of Glasgow read your blog and decided that you are indeed correct.

Oh and I was also correct when I predicted that having two candidates with the name Curran would lead to Labour calling for a recount and crying unfair when they lost.

Ewen Nicolson said...

A fine defeat for the Labour party. I hope they can take heart from this and consolidate throughout the country............. ;)

Indygal said...

Hi Clairwil, sorry you had someone not take your fear of dogs seriously. You should just have joined another branch. One of our members called me during the by election to say she was desperate to help but terrified of dogs and therefore couldn't leaflet or canvass. She is also in her 20s so thought folk wouldn't take her seriously and expect her to go out. I just gave her stuff to do in the rooms and she was great, worked really hard and helped us a LOT! So if ever you do feel like joining again, don't let the dog thing put you off. Anne

Anonymous said...

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