God, Gays and Little Children.


Rosanna Cunningham of the SNP has for reasons that are beyond me has submitted a last minute amendment to the Adoption and Children (Scotland bill) to stop same sex couples jointly adopting children. At present same sex adoption is possible but only one partner can be legally recognised as a parent, which is bound to do wonders for the stability of the parent- child relationship in the event of a separation.

The Catholic church are right behind these amendments. Oh dear, I'm very fond of The Catholic religion but it appears to be a bit confused. As far as I am aware it is none of the church's business who is adopting non-Catholic children. If they were to issue a statement saying they take a dim view of the whole gay business and request that Catholics do not enter same sex relationships and adopt children, that would be their own affair. At the risk of sounding catty the last organisation on God's earth I would approach for advice about child welfare is the Catholic Church.

For what it's worth I don't think the bill goes far enough. Why do adoptive parents have to be in a sexual relationship? Why can't any two people, subject to the usual vetting procedures, not adopt?

I cannot see how any child is better off in care than being looked after by two, three or fifty three adults committed to that child's welfare and development. The statistics for educational attainment for children in 'care' are nothing short of shameful in a civilised society. Care is a tragic waste from every point of view, I doubt there are many leaving care who could even spell potential let alone reach theirs. Care is enormously expensive and spits out what is put in -damaged, fragile children without an ounce of hope. We need all the parents we can get. What is Christian about perpetuating the suffering of children to make life a bit more awkward for gays and lesbians? Does that not stike anyone as a bit petty and spiteful? They can't be talked out their sexual preferences anymore than the Pope can be convinced to join the Scissor Sisters in a sauna. If I were a Christian I'd just forgive the gays and let them get on with it.

Anyway the bill is to be debated on Thursday, you can get on to your MSP and remind them that we live in a secular country here.



iLL Man said...
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iLL Man said...

Just had a deep philosophical discussion with my old man about this. Ha! Some bollocks about how homosexual relationships are intrinsically unstable and so to protect children being looked after by a homosexual couple, only one shall be the legal guardian............Yeah, makes fucking sense. What difference does that make? From what I can tell, gay relationships are no more or less fragile than heterosexual ones and they can be just as strong too.

My father reckons all men are genetically programmed to be unfaithful though, so maybe that's what he's basing it on. Even if this were true, why in the name of god can't lesbians(who never cheat on their lovers going by this logic) have dual guardianship? Hmmm!

I smell shite. It's the same shite that's emanating from Rosanna Cunningham by the looks of it.

Clairwil said...

Wow! Did your mum crack your dad over the head with a frying pan when he said 'all men are genetically programmed to be unfaithful?' Is he confessing to something?

I think men tend to be more interested in sex for the sake of sex. My curse in life was always meeting the ones that thought it was a big deal.

As far as I can make out, when one is tired of life, one breeds. Jaded decadents strike me as good parents as anyone else. Lets face it would you rather have me and Mr Clairwil as parents or a dull responsible gay couple?

Without doubt the state is an unfit parent. I'm not sure we're in a position to be choosy about adoptive parents.

iLL Man said...

She wasn't in the room at the time. I still have no idea what he was getting at. Thankfully, neither does he..............

Golden said...

Well, I am Catholic and I know what I believe in. But that is not to say that people should not be happen and get to live them same lives that us heterosexual people do. I have friends that are gay and we have had a conversation about the issue. And I do not believe in being gay is right but I do not hold that against them. It is just something that I particular wouldn't be apart of. But that doesn’t give me a right to not be friends with gay people or let me judge them and tell them they can't have children. If it isn't bothering me I have no problem with it. I am sure that there are a lot of couples of the same sex that are a lot better parents to children then of opposite sex. So I think if it makes a couple happy and children are in a good stable environment and have two loving parents I see no problem with it. Why can’t America be happy for those who want to be good parents? Instead of trying to prevent good parents they need to look at those who are parents now and see how they are raising them. It shouldn’t be all about the gays adopting or having children but everyone as a whole gay, straight any kind of couple.

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Anonymous said...

not half a s fun as i thought that was going to be from the title, false fuckni advertsinig that
anyhways, what your saying is true, i was brough up by my nan and grandpa and my sister an all the other sods that socials visited were in and out of foster homes and properply screwed up. all you need is to have people who look after you whatever who arent; fuckin paid to do as a job, cos if the people who are bringing you up are just doing it as a job that really makes you feel fuckin shit, and to be honest most of the socials are fucked up anyway so there sno chance. they shouldnt let mancs bring up kids though, thats juist wrong, take them kids offof liam gallagher quick

Anonymous said...

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