Daily Twaddle

It would appear that I am now expected to lie for a living. As part of my job I have to collect social statistics for the government. It's a pain in the arse but I take the view that the figures might come in handy if ever we go mad and elect a government that cares. Anyway I have been ordered not to tick certain boxes even if they are correct. I realise in the grand scheme of things it probably doesn't matter but I don't feel comfortable lying to politicians, it's a role reversal that robs me of my moral high ground. I don't like that at all. One of the tick boxes we have is for people having financial difficulty. These boxes give various reasons for the debt, like change of circumstances, ill health, overspending, low income and so on. I am forbidden to tick overspending or most of the others, even if it's the truth. Apparently the only reason for debt is poverty. I concede that a substantial proportion of the debt I encounter is down to poverty. In fact if borrowing was banned tomorrow most of us would be horrified at how little people actually have. Nevertheless people do go wild on the store cards. As far as I'm concerned, hell slap it into the greedy usurers that lent it to them but the fact is the borrower has also acted irresponsibly. Why lie about it? I did query this but the powers that be couldn't believe they were 'having to explain this to a socialist'. Far be it from me to suggest that the belief one has to lie to support socialism undermines the cause a bit but it does doesn't it? Is it any wonder I plan to give up voting as soon as Scotland gets home rule.

Very odd personality test results below.

I'm a O80-C10-E9-A38-N80 Big Five!!



Anonymous said...

Your last sentence was slightly ambiguous. Are you in favour of 'Home Rule', or agin' it? And why?

alan said...

You're right!

Clairwil said...

I'm all for it. The why is a very long answer which I might do as a blog post but the short answer is that sponging off the neigbours in demeaning.

Well even stopped clocks and all that...

Anonymous said...

Well, seems i'm a right knob-end according to my test answers.......("~)

Ach well, I reckon the only way to get a decent result from these things is to get someone who knows you intimately to fill it out, going under the assumption that any adverse or unsatisfactory results will have little or no comeback......

Don't we have home rule already? Or is that a well placed kick in the nads of the puppet parly?

Or am I getting my terms mixed up?

Clairwil said...

Pah! All we've got is a wee pretendy parliament. You're not a government until you can declare war in my book.

If you have very low expectations then yes we do have home rule.

Anonymous said...

I thought that home rule was the pretendy parliament bit. I think i'm getting my terminology all arse about tit.("~)

Oh! I do believe I am unable to make comments in the normal manner. A pox on blogger! Now I know how everyone else feels........

Anonymous said...

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